Artistic-2.0 derivative - npm License

Till Jaeger

Hi all,

I noticed that NPM is using an Artistic-2.0 with additional terms and


npm License

Copyright (c) npm, Inc. and Contributors All rights reserved.

npm is released under the Artistic License 2.0, subject to additional
terms that are listed below.

The text of the npm License follows and the text of the additional terms
follows the Artistic License 2.0 terms:


It seems that people there are not familiar of what is the goal of a
license. Otherwise they wouldn't have used the following additional term:

"Additional policies relating to, and restrictions on use of, npm
products and services are available on the npm website. All such
policies and restrictions, as updated from time to time, are hereby
incorporated into this license agreement. By using npm, you acknowledge
your agreement to all such policies and restrictions."

Hence, the license text may vary dpending on an update of such policies.
I guess this makes it difficult to provide a SPDX-Identifier. Any
thoughts on this?

Best regards,


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