Re: versioning of license list

Warner Losh

On Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 3:28 AM Bastien <bastien.guerry@...> wrote:
Hi Steve,

"Steve Winslow" <swinslow@...> writes:

> So I'd be inclined to stick with the current M.N format for now, and
> keep incrementing 3.x unless and until we hit a significant enough
> change to bump it to 4.0.

+1 -- semver is not really useful here, and 3.20 looks perfectly fine
in the eyes of developers (and probably beyond.)

I agree here. I think semvar's notions are an imperfect fit for the nature
of the license repo. We've selected major number to indicate a format
(which one could argue is the semantic element that count) and a minor
number for release number that includes additions and minor technical
corrections only. All the 3.x releases are basically compatible from
a format point of view, but have different content. I see no value
other than confusing from introducing a 'tiny' rev to the process
since there's already a quarterly release cadence.


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