Re: versioning of license list

Sebastian Crane

Dear Jilayne,

We only have changed the major number when there was a major change - adding
license expression operators for 2.0; changing to XML format and major
change to GNU identifiers or 3.0. I don't really foresee a major change of
that nature on the horizon (good!). This would mean we just keeping going
with 3.y - is that normal?
Yes, I would say that's pretty normal for software projects. Incrementing the
major version usually indicates that upgrading to that version would break
something for existing users that rely on the data, so 3.16 to 3.17 would be
'correct' for this release (which shouldn't break anything!)

If we were going full 'semantic versioning' (formalised at
), however, we'd also have a 'patch level' version for releases that only fix
existing licenses and don't add any new ones: 3.17.0 would become 3.17.1 if
there were no new licenses or exceptions added between those releases.

I don't have a strong desire to change it though, rest assured :)

Best wishes,


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