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Alan Tse

I don’t think it’s an issue. To developers, 3.20 is normal and won’t be confused as 3.2.


I would advocate moving to semantic versioning where it uses a triplet (e.g. 3.20.0) and each part of the triplet has a meaning when it’s incremented. It may not matter since SPDX doesn’t release frequently enough to do “fix” only releases which would be 3.20.1, but at least it signals to downstream users that if the major version changes (e.g., 4.0.0) that the API may have broken.


Another benefit of semantic versioning is you can adopt tools like semantic release to automatically make the next version with a changelog.



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Hi all,

As I was adding milestones to the Github repo for the next couple releases, I wondered... do we just keep going with 3.18, 3.19, 3.20... (and 3.20 looks a lot like 3.2, but I guess that was also the case with 3.10 and it wasn't an issue)?

We only have changed the major number when there was a major change - adding license expression operators for 2.0; changing to XML format and major change to GNU identifiers or 3.0. I don't really foresee a major change of that nature on the horizon (good!). This would mean we just keeping going with 3.y - is that normal?

Interesting to hear thoughts on this from more software-versioning-traditions savvy people :)


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