Re: [spdx] - Do we need a SPDX-License-Identifier for full copyright?

J Lovejoy

Hi Roland,

I’m forwarding this to the SPDX-legal mailing list as that is the best place for this question. You also need to join that to post.  I don’t have the link to that handy but if you go to the SPDX website and the “participate” page, you will find it. 

SPDX-legal co-lead

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Subject: Do we need a SPDX-License-Identifier for full copyright?

Dear SPDX community,

this is Roland at fairkom, where we host, a
service established in 2006 and which we intend to relaunch this year.

Registered Commons gives creators and software developers a tool to time
stamp their work together with a chosen license and download a
certificate. Whilst we promote CC and other open source licenses in the
license chooser, several users opt for "full copyright". In the metadata
set we would like to include an SPDX field, however we don't know yet
what users could fill in if they choose not to share their work (yet). 
We have not seen such an identifier on .

Or is an empty SPDX-License-Identifier always saying that no license has
been chosen and full copyright applies? We think an empty identifier is
ambiguous and also could mean that no license decision has been made yet
or the license is not listed with SPDX. Or should we discuss to
introduce an "SPDX-License-Identfier: Full Copyright" - whatever this
means at the creator's jurisdiction.

We welcome any proposals here on this list or at our licensing issue

Best, Roland

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