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Steve Winslow

Hi Max, circling back on this thread and your question:

We briefly discussed this as a follow-up on the last legal team call, and agreed that there did not appear to be any significant objections to modifying the LGPL-3.0[-only/-or-later] templates as earlier described here. I'm planning to submit a PR to incorporate the GPL text as optional in the templates, so that it'll be included for the next license list release.


On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 11:02 AM Max Mehl <max.mehl@...> wrote:
~ Steve Winslow [2022-01-10 22:33 +0100]:
> *Proposal*:
> REUSE would like to see the combined LGPL-3.0 + GPL-3.0 text used as the
> plain text file for LGPL-3.0 on the License List. That way, anyone pulling
> from the plain text licenses will (correctly) include both the LGPL and GPL
> texts.
> To implement this, the XML template for LGPL-3.0 would also be updated, to
> add the GPL-3.0 text with <optional> tags following the non-optional
> LGPL-3.0 text.
> Personally, I'm +1 to make these changes:
> * It solves the problem REUSE has identified for their use case
> * It means that the LGPL-3.0-* templates will continue to match standalone
> files with only the LGPL text, as well as matching files that contain the
> combined LGPL+GPL texts.
> * It doesn't resolve all possible ambiguities about "did you mean
> everything in this repo is LGPL, or that some things are LGPL and some are
> GPL?"  But neither does the current state of affairs. Using SPDX short-form
> license IDs and/or standard license headers solves this. So I don't see
> this as particularly significant to this specific proposal.
> Please discuss.

Following up on Steve's proposal, I see many people agreeing on it, or
at least shrugging. There has been a proposal by Alexios that would
require a larger rework as I understand it, but it feels not like a
blocker to this concrete proposal, rather like a good idea to make
special cases like these easier to handle in the future.

Are there any more blockers?


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