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Steve Winslow

Hello SPDX-legal list,

On last week's Legal Team call, we agreed to switch the timing for team calls going forward, as discussed in this thread. So instead of alternating Thursdays, Legal Team calls will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

In a moment I'll send a cancellation of the old calendar invite, and after that you should receive a new invite with the new schedule.


On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 11:00 AM Chen, Christina X <christina.x.chen@...> wrote:

I’d prefer this suggested ‘2nd and 4th Thursday’ meeting lineup. One vote from me.




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Hi Sebastian (and spdx-legal list),


My turn to apologize for the slow reply here  :)  For the next legal team meeting, we'll stick with today's call at the usual time of noon Eastern, to avoid confusion since it's already on the calendar for today.


Going forward, I'd be interested in participants' thoughts on shifting the timing as Sebastian suggested here. We've been doing an "every other week" schedule, which means sometimes we line up with the same day as the General meeting (like today). Would it be easier for folks to join if we set a "2nd and 4th Thursday" cadence rather than "every other Thursday"?


This would mean dropping a few meetings per year -- 26 to 24, plus probably dropping the last meeting of November since the 4th Thursday would always overlap with the US Thanksgiving holiday. So if we'd decrease the meetings by switching dates, I'd want to get input whether that'll make it substantially easier for folks to join.




On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 9:55 AM Sebastian Crane <seabass-labrax@...> wrote:

Dear Steve,

> Hi Sebastian,
> Thanks for checking on this. I think this is meant to be the schedule --
> let me know if the invites aren't lining up correctly:
> * General Meeting: First Thursday of every month, 11AM-noon Eastern Time
> * Legal Team: Every other Thursday, noon-1PM Eastern Time
> Note that sometimes the legal team meeting will be right after the General
> Meeting, and sometimes it won't, depending how the every-other-week
> schedule lines up  :)
> But, they shouldn't be overlapping the same time slot -- the Legal Team
> meeting should be the next hour after the General meeting. Is that what
> you're seeing? It's possible as always that daylight savings time is
> mucking things up...

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I had thought it was rather
convenient that each Thursday of the month had a different SPDX meeting;
I know that some people might find it difficult to dedicate a straight
two hours for SPDX - indeed it can be a challenge for me.

Might it be possible that the next Legal Team meeting after today's
could be on the 10th of February rather than the 3rd of February? This
would bring back that nice routine of 'General-Legal-Outreach-Legal'
again, at least from now into April.

No problem if I'm missed the boat on this one though; just thought it
was a nice 'groove' that we got into last year :)

Hope to see you at today's meeting,

Best wishes,


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