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J Lovejoy

Hi agan,

I realized that I did not give any context in this email and, as we have quite a few new people on the legal team (yeah!), some context would be helpful.

As you may or may not be aware, we have a number of slick online tools housed here: - some of these are the product of Google Summer of Code projects over the years. The legal team has been the lucky recipient of some of this work, particularly with the “submit new license” tool - which gets a lot of use.  

Gary and Rohit (and forgive me if I’m missing anyone else) have mostly been the maintainers of this tool in their ’spare time’ since its inception. I don’t think we’ve really had any or very few legal team folks with the skills to help out on this, but as we have a lot of new people - it’s worth asking again! The source for the license submission tool is in this repo Maybe the task of adding an “unknown” option in the drop-down for the OSI Status field is the kind of starter-task someone might be able to do??

As for the issue mentioned below regarding changes to the “comments” field (which had discussed on a legal call) - the PR has been merged, but the release is still pending. My misunderstanding! So, we’ll see that at some point soon.


On Feb 1, 2022, at 7:35 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:

Hi all,

We had an issue to update the “comments” field to be more prominent and specifically ask how the license meets the license inclusion guidelines - - but I don’t see that change actually showing??

I also submitted a new issue to add a “unknown” option in the drop-down for OSI Status. I put “not submitted” but that’s not really accurate and we shouldn’t expect people to always know (or attempt to check the OSI mailing list records!)

Not sure if we have anyone who can work on these things??


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