Re: remove recommendation re: standard license headers

Max Mehl

~ Steve Kilbane [2021-12-02 10:16 +0100]:
That said, I recognise projects with multiple contributors are a
different animal: removal of a license text from a contributed file by
a project maintainer who is not the original contributor is
potentially more problematic (IANAL), except possibly where the
contribution has been made after accepting a CLA that indicates
project-specific rules for license texts and SPDX Identifiers.
I vaguely recall a discussion on how the Linux kernel project should
deal with this if they want to replace the copyright notices (in all
their variety, as Mike pointed out) with SPDX license identifiers.

One idea was to move these notices to a separate file to archive them
instead of deleting them, or leaving them in the Git tree (which is, as
Karen pointed out, not easily transferable). Would that be a compromise?


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