Re: legal team call tomorrow

J Lovejoy

On 11/10/21 11:07 PM, Warner Losh wrote:

On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 8:40 PM J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:

Perhaps Warner can give us an overview of the FreeBSD project’s use of SPDX identifiers.

I'm ready to go if there's space in the agenda. My rehearsal of the talk clocks in at about 15 minutes, though I could trim this a bit because it's heavy on history to try to provide the full context of why the project's adaptation of SPDX has been less than simple and straightforward. Please advise if you'd like me to trim the time.
the full 15' sounds great, as I think all will be interested in the context as well

thanks and look forward to it!


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