Re: Please add FDK-AAC license identifier to SPDX license list

J Lovejoy

Hi Neal,

I made an issue for a new license request -

In the future, please submit a new licenses to be added to the SPDX License List via the Github repo - see for details as to what a new issue need include or you can use the online tool.

By the way, “SPDX has stalled out (again)” is not a particularly fair characterization, as the project of getting all Fedora “good” licenses onto the SPDX License List cannot solely be done by the SPDX community,. That being said, thanks for helping advance the cause by one more license that we know needed to be added!


On Nov 8, 2021, at 6:47 AM, Neal Gompa <ngompa13@...> wrote:

Hey all,

Since SPDX's effort to include all remaining approved Fedora licenses
in SPDX has stalled out (again!)[1][2], can someone *please* add the
FDK-AAC identifier to SPDX? It's blocking my submission of
fdk-aac-free to openSUSE[3] right now.

It is actively used in Fedora for fdk-aac-free[4][5].


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