Re: Please add FDK-AAC license identifier to SPDX license list

Philippe Ombredanne

Hi Neal!

On Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 2:48 PM Neal Gompa <ngompa13@...> wrote:

Since SPDX's effort to include all remaining approved Fedora licenses
in SPDX has stalled out (again!)[1][2], can someone *please* add the
FDK-AAC identifier to SPDX? It's blocking my submission of
fdk-aac-free to openSUSE[3] right now.

It is actively used in Fedora for fdk-aac-free[4][5].

If this can help we have tracked this in ScanCode for as long as I and
git can remember:
We use this SPDX identifier:

Philippe Ombredanne

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