Re: SPDX License List coverage for a full distro

Philippe Ombredanne

Hi Karsten:

On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 10:55 AM Karsten Klein
<karsten.klein@...> wrote:
I see the following option (as outlined the one or the other time before):
SPDX (in the future) assesses and captures licenses on two levels. In my brief words:
Level 1 - License Text and Provision of SPDX-Id
The license text is just captured as is and an SPDX identifier is derived. This id can then be used to identify this particular license text.
Level 2 - License Text, License Text Metadata, Matching Rules and Provision of SPDX-Id
This is the current scheme and requires modelling of the licenses and matching rules.

A big +1 for this. (And until then, namespaced LicenseRef- are an OK approach)

Philippe Ombredanne

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