Re: proposal for Fedora to start using SPDX identifiers

Sebastian Crane

Dear Jilayne,

I've been chatting to some of the Fedora folks about adopting the use
of SPDX license identifiers in its package spec files. I just posted a
comment/ proposal to a PR that was opened some time ago, See
That's great news! I have been using Fedora for about two years as my
primary operating system, so hearing about this development is
particularly interesting to me.

As some of you may remember, SPDX-legal undertook adding many licenses
on the Fedora Good list back in 2013-14 time frame. I have since
looked at the current Fedora Good list and updated a comparison doc,

For any of you who are here and Fedora enthusiasts, help with
researching some of the licenses and (eventually) updating existing
Fedora package license info once this all moves forward would be
greatly appreciated. It would also be good to think about ways to
collaborate into ways to automate any cross-functional processes going
forward so that we stay in sync.
Wow - that's an extensive spreadsheet you have there! I'll be able to
offer some information on the 'Teeworlds license' listed in the
spreadsheet at tomorrow's, shall we say, Legal 'Teem' meeting :)

Best wishes,


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