Re: Combined version of LGPL + GPL 3.0

Jonas Smedegaard

Quoting Max Mehl (2021-07-28 17:56:41)
~ J Lovejoy [2021-07-28 17:34 +0200]:
From a practical perspective: the LGPL-3.0 clearly states at the
top, "This version of the GNU Lesser General Public License
incorporates the terms and conditions of version 3 of the GNU
General Public License, supplemented by the additional permissions
listed below." It is not uncommon for legal agreements to reference,
by title or URL, another document that is incorporated by such
reference. Thus, not actually including the text of GPL-3.0 does not
make the LGPL-3.0 incomplete.
That's interesting. If this was the case, the whole problem would not
exist. However, in the issue I've shared this was identified as a
problem by multiple persons.
Seems to me that these views are not contradictory but describes
different matters:

* SPDX lingo describes which licensing has been granted
* REUSE wants to know which license documents need to be included

Sensible to me is not to "correct" the LGPL-3-* licenses in SPDX to
embed (optionally or not) the full contents of the GPL-3, but instead to
extend metadata to state that LGPL-3 depends on GPL-3.

I.e. extend SPDX ontology with e.g. "spdx:licenseTextDependsOn".

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