License list 3.13 release status update

Steve Winslow

Hello spdx-legal list,

I wanted to share a quick update on the version 3.13 release of the SPDX License List.

We have tagged and pushed the 3.13 release in the license-list-XML repo. [1] However, an issue has come up with the license list publisher automation that carries the tagged / released version info over into the license-list-data repo [2], which is where the ready-for-publication formats of the license list are updated before being uploaded to the main website. [3]

I'm working with the SPDX tech team to resolve this, and the 3.13 license list will be published to the website once this is resolved. I'll follow up with an email to this list after it is live.


Steve Winslow
VP, Compliance and Legal
The Linux Foundation

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