Re: New on this mailing list, here's my introduction

Sebastian Crane

Dear Anthony,

My interest area as it pertains to SPDX-legal: these game communities
need lots of help with license compliance. One of my goals for this
year is to create a “game license compliance” knowledge base ...

I've also been working on an SPDX proposal that requires the steward's
approval. I'm very excited to be able to share that one in a couple

I look forward to being part of the conversation at SPDX!
Welcome to the list! I too look forward to hearing more about your
project; it sounds like a great idea, and you have some impressive
numbers in the 'contributors' department!

You may like to know that our next meeting is next week; it is at 12:00
(US Eastern Time) on the 13th of May.

Best wishes,


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