Initial WIP draft of 3.0 Licensing profile

Steve Winslow

Hello SPDX tech and legal teams,

I've added a PR with an initial, incomplete / WIP draft of the Licensing profile for the SPDX 3.0 spec, at: I'm hoping we can have an initial discussion of the syntax and subsections of this during part of the tech team call tomorrow. We'll also touch on this during the legal team call on Thursday.

The substance of this draft is based on the earlier discussions from joint legal/tech team calls in 2020. The Markdown formatting is based on the template for profiles that the tech team has been working on. You'll see there are many "TBD" notes left in the current draft, as well as placeholders for sections that are yet to be drafted.

As mentioned in the PR, let's initially focus not on the substance of the profile, e.g. which licensing fields should or should not be included. I think it'll be more useful to start by addressing the syntax and setup of the template, so that we can make sure the teams are aligned on that. I think that'll help unblock other profile section drafters beyond licensing.

After that we can come back to the licensing details and substance, probably with a future joint tech/legal team call.


Steve Winslow
VP, Compliance and Legal
The Linux Foundation

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