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Till Jaeger

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing.

It seems that there is a small typo in the Note of BUSL-1.1:

" andi the open source "

Best regards,


Am 28.11.20 um 18:59 schrieb Steve Winslow:

Hello all,

The version 3.11 release of the license list is now tagged and live at <>.

This release included a smaller number of new licenses than some of the
recent prior releases, as much of this release cycle has seen a greater
focus on the "licensing profile" updates for the main v3.0 SPDX spec

In addition to various documentation cleanup and license markup edits, 6
new licenses were added to the list:

* ANTLR-PD-fallback <>
* BUSL-1.1 <>
* CC-BY-3.0-US <>
* CC-BY-SA-2.0-UK <>
* MIT-open-group <>

More details can be found in the release notes at

A big thank you to the participants in the SPDX Legal community and
license request submitters who contributed to this release.


Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation
swinslow@... <mailto:swinslow@...>

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