Re: New License List website features

Till Jaeger

Am 13.11.20 um 16:01 schrieb Matija Šuklje:
Die 13. 11. 20 et hora 15:48 Steve Winslow scripsit:
Hi Matija, I think that if there is a desire for an Internet Archive link,
that's probably most easily handled by a PR to the particular license XML
file in to add to (not replace)
the cross-references.
Having it as an additional link makes sense to me.

I don't expect that the publisher tool will
automatically add them in, or that the license list maintainers will hunt
for replacement links across all licenses -- but if the community submits
PRs to supplement with links for particular licenses, I think those would
be merged.
I mentioned it because as soon as you have original URL and a timestamp, you
can simply generate an Internet Archive URL as such:{$timestamp}/{$original_url}

Using Gary’s example, all you need to do is to translate:

* [no longer live -
last checked 2020-11-13 - 05:57:04]


And the cool thing is that if the Internet Archive does not have that exact
timestamp, it will just link to the first snapshot earlier than that.
Not sure if it helps but we have many links for licenses to the Internet
Archive which is very interesting vor license archaeologists:

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