Re: New License List website features

Matija Šuklje

Die 13. 11. 20 et hora 15:48 Steve Winslow scripsit:
Hi Matija, I think that if there is a desire for an Internet Archive link,
that's probably most easily handled by a PR to the particular license XML
file in to add to (not replace)
the cross-references.
Having it as an additional link makes sense to me.

I don't expect that the publisher tool will
automatically add them in, or that the license list maintainers will hunt
for replacement links across all licenses -- but if the community submits
PRs to supplement with links for particular licenses, I think those would
be merged.
I mentioned it because as soon as you have original URL and a timestamp, you
can simply generate an Internet Archive URL as such:{$timestamp}/{$original_url}

Using Gary’s example, all you need to do is to translate:

* [no longer live -
last checked 2020-11-13 - 05:57:04]


And the cool thing is that if the Internet Archive does not have that exact
timestamp, it will just link to the first snapshot earlier than that.

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