joint legal/tech team call: Licensing Profile

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

In follow-up to Steve’s email and invite - we will resume our joint legal/tech team review of the License Profile draft on the legal call this week (Thursday) and the next tech team call (next Tuesday), as needed.

Please see the original email below to jog your memory.

We left off last time with 3.4 Copyright Text- so we’ll pick up on Thursday at that point and move through the rest!  Feel free to review and comment in the Gdoc in advance as well.


On Aug 12, 2020, at 8:25 AM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Tomorrow’s regularly scheduled legal team call will be a joint call with the tech team to continue the conversation about the licensing fields and consolidation of such for the 3.0 spec.

By way of background or reminder:
Currently, all license-related fields are contained within the main spec, and are specified as different properties on each SPDX artifact type, i.e., package, Filenes and snippet.

For 3.0, licensing information will be broken out from the base spec and put in a separate "licensing" profile. There was a proposal to consolidate the license fields to have common names and meanings, which can then be applied at the package, file and snippet level.

Steve and I drafted a first pass and we began to go through it on yesterday’s joint tech/legal call. We will continue that review tomorrow. The draft has some comments as per the discussion in the document and the meeting minutes have been posted. Please have a look at both and be ready to hit the ground running!

Call info:
Thursday @ 9am Pacific / noon Eastern US time


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