Re: License of an open source license text

Richard Purdie

On Thu, 2020-06-18 at 11:35 +0000, Zavras, Alexios wrote:
You might want to consider using something more general, like
LicenseRef-FSF-license-text or even LicenseRef-license-text, to use
the same for all license files...
I think "LicenseRef-license-text" is inappropriate as the different
texts have differing licenses so we need something finer grained.

LicenseRef-FSF-license-text would work for the FSF licenses and if
there were a standard we'd probably work to that. I don't think we're
in a position to try and build that standard though so we may have to
go the generic route until any standard emerges where someone collates
that information.

I had kind of hoped SPDX may be able to do that but I can understand
why it may be out of scope.



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