Correct handling of snippets

Max Mehl

Hi all,

At REUSE, we currently discuss how to correctly handling snippets from a
third party, potentially under a different license [^1]. Since we strive
to make as much use of SPDX as possible, I wonder about how you would
solve this.

I saw that SPDX uses the following tags instead of FileCopyrightText and

* SPDX-SnippetCopyrightText: Foo Bar
* SPDX-SnippetLicenseConcluded: CC-BY-SA-4.0

This raised a bunch of questions:

* How would one mark the begin and end of a snippet?
* "LicenseConcluded" is quite different from the well-known
License-Identifier [^2], so not very intuitive for developers. Is
there some kind of alias that people can use?
* Is was asked how one could refer the source of the snippet.



[^2]: I am aware that SPDX favours camel-case tag names nowadays.

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