Re: FW: Invalid SPDX identifier in Linux source tree

Max Mehl

~ Kate Stewart [2020-05-07 03:37 +0200]:
Kernel community still recognizes GPL-2.0+ as valid, although we've
deprecated it.
The header quoted is fine.
Same goes for GPL-2.0 and the like.

The conventions are documented in the kernel community trees, and
the intention
is when all the files have SPDX-License-Identifier, to do a global cleanup.

Advice at this point is to stick with the pattern used in the kernel.
That's understandable, and a reasonable workflow.

Is there any schedule for the completion of the addition of license
identifiers and copyright notices? A quick `reuse lint` revealed the
following stats:

* Files with copyright information: 40292 / 67928
* Files with license information: 49815 / 67928


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