License list - 3.9 timing update and pending issues

Steve Winslow

Hello spdx-legal list,

In light of the upcoming updates to the SPDX website hosting, we are pushing back the release date for the 3.9 license list by two weeks. We are now targeting the release for May 15, with an end date for new PRs targeted for May 10.

This also gives folks a bit more time to get in reviews / feedback on whether particular license requests should be approved, and to prepare PRs for approved requests. I expect that the next legal team call on May 7 will be the close-out or push-to-3.10 decision point for all remaining 3.9 issues.

In light of that, I'd encourage folks to review the list of open issues for 3.9, available at:

Comments in the issues threads are welcome, and even simple "+1" notes are helpful if you are in favor of adding a proposed license under the updated license inclusion guidelines [1].

In particular, I'd like to highlight a few requests for new open hardware and source available licenses. Feedback for these in the issue threads would be particularly welcome, to see if there is consensus for whether to add them for 3.9 in light of the updated guidelines:

1) CERN-OHL-2.0-S -- and two variants linked from that issue as well. Noting significant support from the open hardware community as indicated in, and would like to get some additional thumbs-up from other SPDX reviewers to get this one in.

3) BUSL-1.1 (Business Source License) --


Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation

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