Re: Chime instead of Zoom, a modest proposal

James Bottomley

On Mon, 2020-04-13 at 20:55 -0700, Kyle Mitchell wrote:
Others have more religious affinity for the Linux desktop.
Wow that's a blast from the early part of this millenium. Since Linux
now runs over 80% of the world's computing resources, I thought we'd
got over stigmatizing people who actually run it on their desktops.

It's not for want of others trying: my workplace keeps sending me
windows laptops, but they aren't really useful for my daily activities
and it turns out that if you don't switch them on very often, they simply stop working and eventually the capital expense isn't worth it.

But I haven't seen any libre option that stacks up to Zoom's
reliability. Other closed competitors---Hangouts
especially---never met that bar, either.
Well, I'm glad you asked ... so far the most promising fully open trial
is this one:

But the trials are still ongoing so that's by no means the final
answer. It's actually somewhat obvious: bigbluebutton was developed
for teaching remotely in under resourced schools, so of course they
brought it up on a free (as in beer) OS because everything else was
cost prohibitive. No one's heard of it because their advertising
budget matches the available resources ...


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