Re: Chime instead of Zoom, a modest proposal

Kyle Mitchell

I've used the Linux Zoom client nearly every day for a few
weeks now, and less often for several months before that.
It's been seamless for all the core talk-and-watch

It does lag a bit behind on lesser features. For example,
some of the call-recording options on Windows and Mac still
haven't made it over to Linux. So it goes.

I don't usually attend SPDX calls, so this is just FYI. If
I do end up joining in again, I can always use a phone.
Which had sprouted six or seven different apps for VoIP,
last I checked.

Others have more religious affinity for the Linux desktop.
But I haven't seen any libre option that stacks up to Zoom's
reliability. Other closed competitors---Hangouts
especially---never met that bar, either.

Kyle Mitchell, attorney // Oakland // (510) 712 - 0933

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