Re: Chime instead of Zoom, a modest proposal

James Bottomley

On Mon, 2020-04-13 at 20:31 +0000, Mark Atwood via
Chime has clients for Win, and for Mac, it runs in Browser on Firefox
and on Chrome on all OSes, it has clients for mobile OSes, and also
has local and tollfree telephone dialin in most countries.
So no app for Linux then? As you can appreciate, a lot of us have now
been evaluating a whole range of video conference technologies and one
of the empirical rules I've been seeing is that solutions that don't
provide a Linux client usually can't provide app equivalent
functionality on the web either ... and actually there are several
solutions (cough, bluejeans, cough) that allegedly provide a linux app
but not with the full range of capability and have similar problems on
the web.

One of the things I will give zoom in the pantheon of proprietary crap
for meetings is that they have a full range of supported linux clients,
for almost every distribution you can think of, with functionality
equivalent to windows and mac.


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