Chime instead of Zoom, a modest proposal

Mark Atwood (

Hi Kate and other SPDX folk,

We have been using Zoom to provide teleconference for SPDX meetings.  In light of recent events, Zoom has  gotten very popular, and also been failing many security audits, and so many companies and governments have started banning its use.

Amazon has a service very similar to Zoom, called Amazon Chime.  Amazon Chime has 1) it's got much better security, 2) it doesn't give your personal, login, and meeting info to the adtech tracking industry, 3) it is gratis with all professional features to the end of June, and 4) as an Amazonian and this being part of my work, I can provide gratis usage to the SPDX group even after the end of June.

Chime has clients for Win, and for Mac, it runs in Browser on Firefox and on Chrome on all OSes, it has clients for mobile OSes, and also has local and tollfree telephone dialin in most countries.

So, what do you think?  Switch to Chime?  It's especially a win if we are paying for Zoom.



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