Re: CERN-OHL version 2

J Lovejoy

Hi Andrew, 

Great!  FYI - this email got moderated because you are not on the mailing list with this address. I have unmoderated you, but would be best if you could join the mailing list or use the email if you are already otherwise on it.

Would you mind submitting each of the 3 variants via the online submission tool?  - that will create an issue for each one, which is part of our current workflow for tracking.  Also see:

While we are on the subject of open hardware licenses, I believe we still don’t have Solderpad 2.0 on it, as we may have needed some feedback from you - - I will try to find the thread we had going on that.

We will be doing a release at the end of April - would be great to get all of these on the list for that. Just need a bit of help and it’s do-able!


On Mar 31, 2020, at 4:47 AM, Andrew <andrewjskatz@...> wrote:

Hi All

Now that version 2 of CERN-OHL has been released, we are keen to see the 3 variants allocated an appropriate SPDX licence identifier.

You can find the licences here: 

We propose the following SPDX identifiers for each of the 3 variants:


These seemed to us to most closely match the existing SPDX licence criteria, but we are happy to discuss any other suggestions (or indeed answer any other questions).

All the best


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