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J Lovejoy

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for having a look.

As to your question: we had a discussion on one of the many calls we discussed this topic and ran the hypothetical of what if there were no “rules” or the rules were very relaxed. One extreme might look like this: anyone can add a license, any time and the SPDX License List becomes bloated and so long that nothing is reliable any more - we’d end up with duplicate licenses (b/c no one was minding the Matching Guidelines), duplicate ids (the horror!) etc. It would certainly lose it’s value.

If there is something we can amend on the current proposal, then there has been plenty of opportunity to say so, and there is still (a little) time. The proposed revision substantially relaxes the previous guidelines - as you well know. there are a number of licenses in the queue that we’ve put on hold knowing that if we changed the guidelines, they would be easy submissions. We also made some obvious things explicit like not adding a license that would match an existing license - we probably all assumed that one, but it wasn’t actually written down!

I’m still unclear as to what the actual issue and suggestion is out of this thread.


On Mar 13, 2020, at 4:25 PM, Kyle Mitchell <kyle@...> wrote:


I am both impressed by the work Jilayne and others have put
into the guidelines, and in strong sympathy with the general
thrust Philippe reports from the conference. I didn't go to
FOSDEM, but judging from Philippe's notes, I wouldn't have
had much else to add.

I keep returning to the _why_ behind rules and proposed
rules. Is the overbearing issue, from the SPDX-side point
of view, still too many license submissions, too fast to

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