Re: SPDX License List license inclusion guidelines

Kyle Mitchell


Sorry to air-drop into this conversation. I've been lurking
fairly reliably, but have been too slammed to keep an active
voice in all the various places where people are typing.

Is there any kind of summary or similarly short,
approachable artifact you could point me to for the current
namespacing proposal? For reasons in line with a few of
Philippe's comments, I'm interested to see what there is in
terms of viability or outreach to the package manager

The primary driver for SPDX identification requests in my
nick of the woods has been people trying to put an SPDX
identifier in a package manifest where one is required.
RubyGems for Ruby. npm for JavaScript. Cargo for Rust.
And so on. All of these projects use the license list, and
just the license list, as a kind of "library", divorced from
SPDX as a whole. npm and Cargo have also taken the
expression syntax, or variations of it, but that's it.

If the namespace proposal's too complex or esoteric, or too
tightly coupled to the XML-file use case of SPDX, I'd fear
divergence with the fast-moving packager and utility people,
myself probably included.

Kyle Mitchell, attorney // Oakland // (510) 712 - 0933

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