Re: Deprecate Entessa in favour of Apache-1.1?

Matija Šuklje

On sreda, 11. marec 2020 22:47:40 CET, J Lovejoy wrote:

And SPDX License List endeavored to add any and all licenses ever approved by OSI in the early days, so… here we are. We didn’t have the matching guidelines established back then, I don’t think, but in any case, it has been on the OSI approved list for a very long time (as in before SPDX License List birth, I believe). OSI considers it a “vanity” license, in so many words - which is probably why we don’t have any markup on the acknowledgment statement.
I suspected as such, yes. I did check the OSI list when I stumbled upon it.

Would a Note explaining this suffice?
Ideally I would like to have it deprecated (also on OSI), but note would work as well.

Thanks for looking into this. I didn’t want to open an issue right away, as I suspected it was some legacy thing.

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