Re: Tagging of UNCOPYRIGHTABLE material

Matija Šuklje

On sreda, 11. marec 2020 09:42:15 CET, michael.kaelbling@... wrote:

What about cases that have been adjudged by the court as uncopyrightable or public domain contrary to a claim within the source?
What would one expect to see in the License-Identifier, LicenseConcluded, and LicenseComment fields?
Would one expect an Annotation?
I would say that CCM would be the best way to go right now, as David Wheeler already explained in detail before. Unless someone knows of a better commonly used/tested suggestion for a public domain mark.

I also agree with David that it would make sense to include CCM into the SPDX License List and finally deprecate CC-PDDC.

Until then you can still create a SPDX-compliant name for it – e.g. `LicenseRef-CCM` and use that.

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