Re: Tagging of UNCOPYRIGHTABLE material

Matija Šuklje

On torek, 10. marec 2020 14:55:17 CET, Carmen Bianca Bakker wrote:
1) if it is not copyrightable, you have clearly marked it as such, and the SPDX-FileCopyright tag is merely used as a contact for anyone requiring extra info
I would counter that marking something as CC0-1.0 does not clearly
communicate something as uncopyrightable.
You’re correct. Lapsus calami due to writing before finishing my morning tea. CC0-1.0 marks it that whatever that thing is, its author either waives all their rights, or if they can’t do that (e.g. in most of EU) gives you a very permissive right and promisses not to enforce any of the rights that they could not waive. Which is as close to something being in public domain as possible.

As such, ad 1) I meant that if you mark something as CC0-1.0 and that thing is not copyrightable, you have clearly communicated to the public that they should act as if it is in public domain – regardless whether a) it trully is (i.e. uncopyrigtable from the start) rendering the CC0 moot, you b) hereby waived your rights, or c) you hereby gave a very permissive license.

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