Re: Tagging of UNCOPYRIGHTABLE material


I worry that I did not describe my use-case well.  Let me try again.

Rule: in my organization, all our OSS must have have explicit clearance based on SPDX-License-Identifier and SPDX-FileCopyrightText tags. Our OSS should pass scans without complaints of missing copyright information, etc. If this automatic scan fails, then humans have to get involved, which is annoying and time-consuming for each release.

Therefore, I was looking for the way to add "copyright" and licensing information for uncopyrightable materials that is both correct and passes automatic scans.  I definitely want to avoid very dangerous propositions!  I perhaps naively thought that claiming an unenforceable copyright was even more dangerous than claiming that something is uncopyrightable.  I have no legal training and got a bit worried after browsing which talks of fines for "false claims of copyright".  The chances of losing such a suit would be negligible, but a new avenue for a nuisance lawsuit would be opened -- that was my thinking.

My "proposal" of an UNCOPYRIGHTABLE keyword, which I abandon, aimed to cover the special case of licensing material that could not be copyrighted.

I have learned that the CC Public Domain Mark can be used for the FileCopyrightText and that something like CC-PDDC can be used for the License-Identifier, with a corresponding text file in LICENSES/...

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