Re: Tagging of UNCOPYRIGHTABLE material

Max Mehl

Hi Michael,

~ michael.kaelbling@... [2020-03-09 10:45 +0100]:
Currently I have a project that includes empty files as placeholders
and markers.  Because such files are uncopyrightable, I am not sure
how to tag them.  "NONE" and "NOASSERTION" seem inappropriate.  "NONE"
does not imply that none is possible, and "NOASSERTION" is not the
same as an assertion of the uncopyrightablility of an object.  It
seems inappropriate to claim an unenforceable copyright and license
Actually, that's one of the two options REUSE suggests:
* Add a copyright and licensing header anyway
* Use CC0-1.0 as a license to waive your copyright (I know, the concept
of public domain can become complicated depending on the legislation)

The full FAQ item on this issue:


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