Re: update to documentation, use of wiki

William Bartholomew

While I am biased, GitHub issues are pretty useful and some of these scenarios are pretty well handled with issues and it gives people one place to look for content. For example, we could create an spdx-meetings repository, create an issue to capture the notes from each meeting (you can use markdown, embed images, links, etc.), use labels to categorize as legal, tech, or general to enable people to filter. Since people can comment on issues they can leave comments to "approve the minutes", ask questions, or provide feedback.

Issues can be used for proposals but if the proposal is content heavy and needs to iterate a lot then I find pull requests are better for this.

If we'd like to pursue these options I'd be happy to create the repositories, template issues, and write up a bit of a user's guide for people that are less familiar with GitHub.


On 2/27/20 12:53 PM, J Lovejoy wrote:
Hi folks,

I made some updates to some of the documentation files in the Github repo today related to some conversation on the call. Would love to have some feedback. See:
(981, 982, 983, 984)

This led me to realize we still refer to the wiki as our working area (and it’s the only place - I think - we have the info about the bi-weekly calls, which is now outdated!)

While I have no appetite to shut down the wiki and there are some good resources there, what are thoughts about perhaps redefining how we use it? Off top of head:
- for meeting minutes
- recording old decisions (existing, but this could mean we could still opt to record stuff there in the future if it’s deemed the best place?)
- proposals we are hashing out, but aren’t appropriate for a Github issue

In the spirit of having only one place to update - I’m thinking we might move the call info to the Github readme and remove from the wiki page?? more likely to be seen there.

Thoughts? ideas??


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