Request for adding Eclipse Distribution License - v 1.0

CARLIER Aurelien



I would like to request addition of the Eclipse Distribution License in the SPDX license list. The EDL-1.0 is a variation of the New BSD License (fixing . Here is what I would suggest:


1.    License name: Eclipse Distribution License 1.0

2.    Proposed Identifier: EDL-1.0

3.    URL:

4.    See attached file.

5.    Indicate whether the license is OSI-approved : “The Eclipse Distribution License is an OSI Approved Open Source License by means of the New BSD License.” As said on the license’s full text page

6.    This license is used by Eclipse JGIT with the following text:

This program and the accompanying materials are made available

under the terms of the Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 which

accompanies this distribution, is reproduced below, and is

available at


Thank you in advance to take this request into account.







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