Re: New License/Exception Request: CAL-1.0 and CAL-1.0-with-exception

Steve Winslow

Hi Van, thanks for submitting this. I've copied it over to an issue in the SPDX license-list-XML repo, so that comments and input can be aggregated there -- see


On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 1:30 AM Lindberg, Van <VLindberg@...> wrote:



I have received a preliminary positive report from OSI’s license committee on the Cryptographic Autonomy License v.1.0, or “CAL”.

The CAL also includes a built-in “Combined Works Exception” that seems like it would fit with your exception grammar.

1.       1. Provide a proposed Full Name for the license or exception:

2.       Cryptographic Autonomy License, v1.0, or
Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0, with Combined Work Exception”


4.       2. Provide a proposed Short Identifier.

5.       CAL-1.0 or CAL-1.0-with-exception


7.       3. Provide a functioning url reference to the license or exception text, either from the author or a community recognized source.



10.   4. Create and attach a text file with the license or exception text from the url provided in #3.

11.   Attached.


13.   5. Indicate whether the license is OSI-approved (see: or whether it has been submitted for approval to the OSI and is currently under review.
It is currently under review and I expect approval.

14.   6. Provide a short explanation regarding the need for this license or exception to be included on the SPDX License List, including identifying at least one program that uses this license.

15.   I expect this will be approved by the OSI shortly. As soon as it is approved, Holochain will be moving to use it.


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