3.7 License List release

Steve Winslow

Hello all,

The version 3.7 release of the license list is now tagged and live at https://spdx.org/licenses. Along with documentation updates and markup tweaks, 6 new licenses and exceptions were added to the list:

* etalab-2.0
* MulanPSL-1.0
* OGL-Canada-2.0
* SSH-short
* UCL-1.0

A couple particular shout-outs for other contributions beyond these licenses:

* Thank you to Jilayne and Gary for debugging an issue with the license list publisher, which was occasionally causing "optional text" markup to not display as optional on the website version.

* Thank you to Kyle Mitchell for contributing a script to easily enable testing a single license XML file at a time, rather than re-testing the entire set — this has significantly improved the XML creation and testing process.

And with that, time to turn to the pending issues for 3.8  :)

Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation

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