matching guidelines updates

J Lovejoy

Hi SPDX legal and tech teams,

Some time ago, we decided to move the Matching Guidelines to an Appendix in the SPDX specification, instead of only having them live on a webpage (here: ) And we have a PR to do so here:

This has raised a few related questions:
1) what do we do with the webpage/URL and various places that link to such? redirect to the appendix in the spec? but then what happens when the spec updates? (It’s really important for people to be able to easily read/find this). Could we generate the webpage from the spec Appendix markup?

2) does this then mean the matching guidelines must follow the cycles/versions of the spec? (it has had it’s own cycle because it doesn’t update very often)

3) what about the list of equivalent words- can we have that live as a separate file in the license list Github repo and then have the main relevant matching guideline link to it? and if so, should that list live in the license list repo or with the spec?

There may be other related implementation items, but that is probably a good start. Maybe a good topic for the joint tech/legal call next week on Tuesday!! Comments here certainly welcome too, as always.

We have some updates that need to be made to the matching guidelines, but I don’t think we can do that until we’ve answered the above questions (especially since as of the moment, they are sort of in two place - not optimal!)


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