Meeting today, Oct. 3 -- note changed URL

Steve Winslow

Hello all,

The next Legal Team meeting will be today, Thursday, Oct. 3 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET.

On the call, we'll first look at finalizing approvals for whether to include the following issues in the upcoming 3.7 release:

Each of these was previously discussed during a prior legal team call, but we didn't finalize and mark them as "accepted." So I'd like us to review them and confirm whether accepted for 3.7 (and to get folks to then prepare the XML and test files for inclusion!)

If there is time left over, we may continue the conversation on the license inclusion guidelines update that is in process at

**Please note** the updated UberConference URL below for the call. The old URL may still work also but may be confusing due to UberConference's recent changes.

Dial-in info:
Web conference:
Optional dial in number: 415-881-1586


Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation

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