Re: [spdx] Adding a new opendata-focus license?


Dear Patrice-Emmanuel,

"Patrice-Emmanuel SCHMITZ via Lists.Spdx.Org"
<> writes:

The French law (CRPA - D323-2-1) states that public administrations
may only use two "data" licenses for public sector information
(without initiating an exception process):

1° Licence ouverte de réutilisation d'informations publiques ;

2° Open Database License (which has the SPDX identifier ODbL-1.0)
Yes, this is correct, provided that "public sector information" is
understood as "public sector data". For public sector source code,
public agencies are allowed to use other open source licenses, as
stated here (in french):

Is your Etalab "Open License" corresponding to the first one?

Has it a working value in both French and English?


Bastien Guerry

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