Re: [spdx] Adding a new opendata-focus license?


Hi Jilayne,

thanks for following up!

"J Lovejoy" <opensource@...> writes:

The process for requesting a new license be added to the SPDX License
List is documented here:
blob/master/ (and happy to get your feedback on the
documentation of the process!)
Yes, I went through this process - I'll see if I have useful feedback
on the documentation, but things looked clear to me.

By the way - It looks like you sent this to the general mailing list,
not the legal mailing list, as this got caught up in our filter. I
have released it (obviously), but you might want to make sure you are
actually on the legal mailing list here:
spdx-legal (and I’m replying to both lists, but bcc the general list,
as we try to keep specific topics to the specific lists)
I think I'm correctly subscribed to both mailing lists.


Bastien Guerry

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