REUSE 3.0 released: tutorial, FAQ, and helper tool

Max Mehl

Dear all,

Perhaps you've seen it already, but I'd like to make you aware of the
newest version of REUSE which contains many exciting improvements. For
example, we make use of the SPDX-FileCopyrightText tag which has been
discussed inside SPDX, and which makes absolutely sense.

The new specification is also accompanied by a brand new tutorial and
FAQ. The latest version of the REUSE helper tool will make it much
easier for developers to get their repositories REUSE compliant, and can
be included in numerous CI/CD workflows. You will find all of those on
the updated website:

For some more background information, please find the full announcement

We are looking forward to your feedback. Also feel free to join the
mailing list to get in touch with us and the REUSE community [^1].
Thank you!


Max Mehl - Programme Manager - Free Software Foundation Europe
Contact and information: | @mxmehl
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