meeting minutes 2019-06-13

Steve Winslow

Hello all, the SPDX legal team minutes from last Thursday's call are now posted at, and copied below for convenience.


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== Attendees ==
* John Horan
* Jilayne Lovejoy
* Jim Vitrano
* Kyle Mitchell
* Mike Dolan
* Steve Winslow

== Agenda ==

The meeting focused on reviewing and triaging issues that were tagged for consideration as part of the 3.6 release milestone. Some issues were resolved and closed; some were moved to 3.7 release given the limited time before 3.6 release at end of month; and some remain open, pending final review of PRs / creation of new PRs in a couple of instances. Specific notes on many of the resolutions can be seen in the particular issue threads on GitHub; and those issues that currently remain open for 3.6 can be found at

The team also briefly discussed recent updates to the license inclusion principles, which can be seen at Jilayne noted that the team may continue to iterate on the inclusion principles in accordance with discussions on prior legal team calls.

Since the 3.6 release is coming up at the end of the month, any newly-submitted requests will be considered as part of 3.7. The next legal team call will be on Thursday, June 27, and will focus on any last-minute matters needed to get 3.6 out the door. The team will focus on several longstanding prior requests for 3.7 during the first legal team call in July.

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