Re: Request for new Apache-2.0 runtime license exception

Steve Winslow

Hi Thomas, I've added an issue report for this request at:

On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 5:17 AM Thomas Steenbergen <thomas.steenbergen@...> wrote:



I would like to request below license exception to be added to the SPDX specification.

This exception is popping up in open source project related the Swift programming language maintained by Apple.

Its text is close in intention to the LLVM-exception but lack the whole GPL-2.0 text found in LLVM.


@Gary I tried submitting via the SPDX Submit New License tool but keeps on give “Please enter valid URL” for below URLs.

Happy to help you debug this issue, just point me to the code and I fill a PR.


License Full Name: Apache 2.0 Runtime Library Exception
Short Identifier:  Apache-Runtime-exception-2.0


OSI Status: Not Submitted
License (Exception) Text:

As an exception, if you use this Software to compile your source code and

portions of this Software are embedded into the binary product as a result,

you may redistribute such product without providing attribution as would

otherwise be required by Sections 4(a), 4(b) and 4(d) of the License.


Thank you,


Thomas Steenbergen

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Steve Winslow
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The Linux Foundation

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