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Matija Šuklje

Die 1. 06. 19 et hora 00:58 Dave Marr scripsit:

SPDX is only pragmatically useful to me if it generally reflects
the licenses I’m likely to encounter when vetting community
I agree.

Although the question still remains what constitutes a popular
license – does a non-FOSS license that is also not used by any
substantial number of projects, but is used by a very popular
project qualify?

We have included more-or-less-single-but-very-popular-project FOSS
licenses in the past (Python, PHP, JSON, …), but those are most
often licenses for a whole ecosystem, as these tend to be
languages or similar.

I wonder where to draw the line, because if we go down the road of
“how likely am I to bump into this license”, we’re going in the
direction of proprietary licenses for specific, but super popular
products like e.g. Java EE or OracleDB (not picking on Oracle
specifically, it is just the first two big pieces of software
things that pop to mind). If I’m being super-cheeky, I wonder how
much further before I can suggest adding the Liferay Enterprise
Subscription license ;)

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